Founded in 2009, Everett Advisory Partners has an extensive track record of providing strategic advice and execution resources for various industries, nonprofits and investors with a concentration in financial services. We have successfully guided more than one hundred clients, boards and investor groups through acquisitions, human resource support, recapitalizations, and restructurings, merger integrations, and regulatory examinations. Our team has extensive experience working with companies on value-added strategic planning, human capital growth, insightful risk assessments, enhancing regulatory compliance, improving operational effectiveness, upgrading information technology, and implementing digital strategies.

Everett’s interdisciplinary approach provides clients access to the following capabilities:

Strategic & Transformative Advisory Services
  • Strategic Planning
  • Enterprise & Operational Risk Management
  • Compensation Strategies
  • Digital Banking Strategies
  • Vendor and Outsourcing Strategies
  • Interest Rate and Liquidity Risk Management
  • Credit Risk – Workouts, Pre-Examination Prep
  • Pre-IPO and Pre-M&A business, operational, and governance enhancements
  • Board and Investor Presentations
Merger, Acquisition & Divestiture Services
  • Advisory Services
  • Due Diligence
  • Support for Capital Raising, Liquidity Enhancements, Funding Strategies, Asset Sales & Divestitures
  • Acquisition, Divestiture, Recapitalization and Sell-Side Strategies
  • 363 Bankruptcy – Acquisition and Recapitalization
  • Legal Day 1/Closing Weekend Support
  • Enterprise Transition & Post-Merger Integration / Divestiture Support
Regulatory Support Services
  • Governance Improvements, including Board Structure, Charters, Regulatry Policies and Procedures.
  • Resolution of MRAs, MOUs and C&D orders
  • Evaluation and Remediation of BSA/AML, CRA, Fair Lending Compliance Practices
  • New Charters / Bank Formation / Regulatory Applications / Acquisition Business Plans / Branch Governance & Compliance
  • Regulatory Compliance
Integration, Operations, Stability, and Execution Services
  • General Project and Change Management
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Outsourcing Execution
  • Systems Conversions – Preparation and Execution
  • System & Process Standardization/Optimization
  • System Stability and Cyber Security Assessments/Hardening.
  • Expense Control/Cost Optimization
  • Benchmarking
Human Capital Services
• Human Capital Assessment, Compliance & Strategy
• Employee Relations: Retained or Project- Based
• Ethics Program
• Organizational Development
• Independent Advisor for Board of Directors
• Training
• Executive Recruiting
• Independent Investigations and HR Support

EAP has a core team of over 20 professionals with specialized expertise, as well as an extensive network of industry connections, and provides top quality solution identification and execution to address any combination of challenges a client may face.

Clients most often engage EAP to execute the following types of projects:

Strategic Planning, Merger, Acquisition & Capital Raising

EAP works with management, directors, and investors to develop long-term strategic plans and evaluate strategic alternatives including organic growth, acquisitions & capital raising. EAP facilitates an in-depth, actionable dialogue on business strategies and aspirations, M&A goals, capital and liquidity needs, critical business growth plans in the context of regulatory requirements and policies and key outcomes. With this knowledge, EAP uses comprehensive management diagnostics to identify internal actions and improvements necessary to achieve strategic goals.

Regulatory Support
EAP works closely with the Board of Directors and management to develop and execute plans to address deficiencies identified by regulators by enhancing compliance, improving credit and enterprise risk management practices as well as addressing liquidity and capital needs. We utilize a broad, enterprise-wide approach to assist institutions with lasting improvements, including training the Board and management and key employees.

Enterprise Risk Management
Analyzing and managing key dimensions of risk – credit, market, liquidity and operational – to financial enterprises has become a necessity in banking. EAP has developed a system of risk governance and assessment, supported with key risk indicators, which allows banks to achieve systematic risk reduction and document compliance with policies and regulatory standards.

Diligence Reviews
EAP’s comprehensive diligence efforts identify credit, risk management, operational and transaction risks, and challenges to integration objectives. EAP provides insights into critical value, risk factors, and potential pitfalls in financial institution acquisition and growth strategies. EAP has extensive portfolio review experience in all types of loans in bank and financial institution portfolios, developing workouts for troubled credits and sale of distressed loans and REO. EAP’s team includes former lenders with experience in all facets of commercial, real estate and consumer lending.

Valuation Analyses
EAP provides valuation analyses on marketable and illiquid securities, senior debt and TARP securities for banks and investors. EAP develops securities investment strategies and assists with the purchase (and sale) of assets, including loans and ORE.

Asset & Liability Management Services

EAP’s ALM services include an overview of market conditions, assessment of portfolio activity (purchases or sales), analyses of the institution’s interest rate risk exposure, economic value of equity, gap analysis showing the projected repricing of assets and liabilities and the development of liquidity and funding strategies and capital plans.AP’s ALM services include an overview of market conditions, assessment of portfolio activity (purchases or sales), analyses of the Bank’s interest rate risk exposure, economic value of equity, gap analysis showing the projected repricing of assets and liabilities and the development of liquidity and funding strategies and capital plans.

Technology & Operations Strategy and Implementation
EAP’s deeply experienced team works with clients (pre- or post-merger) to assess, optimize, and implement enhancements to their technology & operations environment, improving control while reducing costs and mitigating risk. EAP facilitates development of a customized strategy (which includes risk remediation) and detailed execution plans (which enable clients to successfully navigate complex and rapidly evolving technology). EAP’s team has extensive experience in developing new approaches to serving clients with greater efficiency, updated technologies and significant cost savings.

Enterprise Transformation, Integration & Conversion
EAP’s team has extensive transformation, integration & divestiture experience, having held leadership roles in over 200 projects at institutions of all sizes. EAP utilizes a comprehensive, fact-based approach to assist management with business, operational, and IT transformation. EAP uses standardized project management tools, training, change process, and performance metrics. EAP works closely with middle management and employees to establish project & communication plans to ensure solutions are implemented on time and under budget. EAP monitors critical success indicators and aggressively resolves any problems or complications which arise. EAP’s team brings a structured, even-handed process to each project which is critical to achieving outcomes that retain and motivate employees.

Management Diagnostics
EAP conducts in-depth, fact and data driven management diagnostics, focusing on areas where management can most effectively influence productivity, financial results, organizational effectiveness, and resource allocation while reducing risk and strengthening long-term health. These diagnostics are customized to the bank’s strategy – organic growth, buy-side or sell-side M&A, or public/private equity capital raising.