Corporate Strategy

Investor Group Purchase of Bank

  • Advised on acquisition of $700mm bank in Dallas – developed acquisition strategy, identified acquisition targets, financial modeling, loan portfolio and operational due diligence and valuation analysis. Developed offering memorandum, investor presentations, acquisition business plans and change of control information to support regulatory approvals.  Developed Legal Day 1 implementation plan, and vendor enhancement strategies.
  • Leading 18-month transformation effort, including organizational restructuring, negotiation of new vendor contracts, implementation of digital banking platform, new corporate governance framework, new policies and procedures, upgraded treasury management platform, incentive compensation plans, marketing support and annual financial plan/3-year Strategic Plan.

Regional Bank

  • Successful development of acquisition business plan which gained approval for a new bank holding company charter with +$1 billion of capital.
  • Advised on the acquisition of a failed institution with over $3 billion of assets and 73 branches in four states.
  • Developed legal day 1 acquisition and stabilization plan, and merger integration plan for failed bank acquisitions.

Private Equity Investment in California Regional Bank

  • Completed loan portfolio and operational due diligence, financial modeling and valuation analysis on a multi-tranche recapitalization of a $1 billion bank.

363 Bankruptcy

  • Advised on $500mm Section 363 bankruptcy transaction – developed acquisition strategy, completed loan portfolio and operational due diligence, financial modeling and valuation analysis for the acquisition and recapitalization by an investor group. Also developed acquisition business plan and change of control information to support regulatory approvals.

$1 Billion Merger of Equals

  • Completed loan portfolio due diligence, management plan assessment, operational diligence and valuation analysis and loan portfolio marks on a $1+ billion bank merger.

Consumer Finance Divestiture

  • Led the sale of assets and operations of a regional consumer finance business…in 90 days: marketed the opportunity; guided 15 parties through diligence; received 7 offers from acquirers, ultimately selling the business at an attractive valuation.

Other Capital Raise and M&A Projects Include:

  • Comprehensive turnaround plan for $500mm distressed Bank, and investigation of CEO on behalf of Board. Capital raise for two Chicago area distressed banks (2010-11)
  • Sell side negotiations for multi-billion bank (in process)
  • Buy side – target identification for regional bank (in process)
  • Management buyout of $100mm bank (in process)
  • Acquisition due diligence in support of investors

Valuation Analysis

  • Routinely perform valuation analyses on community bank stock, senior debt and TARP securities for banks and investors. Analyses included assessment of the banking franchise and operating performance of the bank as well as comparisons to comparable publicly traded stocks and M&A transactions.


$1 Billion Regional Banks

  • Comprehensive, in depth management diagnostics of all facets of the bank, with extensive, fact based recommendations for organizational streamlining, enhanced asset/liability management, profit improvement, credit portfolio risk management/loss mitigation, IT problem resolution, operations process improvement, board reporting and new marketing programs.
  • Enterprise Risk Management Program design and implementation.
  • Development and implementation of Lending and Treasury Management products, including insourcing/outsourcing analyses, product risk assessment and implementation support.
  • Credit policy review and enhancement to mitigate both credit and regulatory risks, and implement consumer and residential mortgage standards.
  • IT and Operations infrastructure improvements and outsourcing.
  • Negotiation of core services contract.
  • CRA & Fair Lending pre-exam and remediation including HMDA data clean-up, new pricing structures, product reviews, updated credit policies, equity investments and a comprehensive CRA plan.
  • In-depth review of BSA and AML practices, with policies updates.
  • Development and implementation of Board level compliance reporting package.
  • Comprehensive examination preparation for state and federal regulatory exams.
  • Support for FDICIA audit.
  • Evaluations of strategic opportunities.

$3 Billion Regional Bank

  • In-depth assessment of bank-wide operations and information technology, and development of high-level plan to align IT with business strategy, improve governance and internal controls, resolve audit and compliance issues, and enhance operational performance.

+$100-500 Million Community Banks

  • Liquidity and interest rate risk analysis for the Board of Directors (including review of ALCO, Dividend and Capital Policy, Contingency Funding, etc.)
  • Enhancements to governance, policies and Board and Management reporting.
  • Liquidity optimization strategies reducing dependence on wholesale funding.
  • Vendor sourcing and implementation of digital banking platforms and technology upgrades.
  • Development and implementation of solutions which address examination findings in MRAs, MOUs and Consent Orders.
  • Introductions to banks for participations.
  • Equity and debt capital raises.

Expanding Earning Assets

  • Our team has connections with the syndicate desks of many regional and super-regional banks and institutional investors, and can readily assist management in identifying new sources for high quality, in-market loan volumes either through participation in a syndication or purchases of loan portfolios.
  • Development of securities investment strategies and purchase (and sale) of assets, including loans and ORE.

Information Technology

  • In-depth assessment of Information Technology at +$5bn regional bank, with identification of critical path projects, governance improvements, new policies, and enhanced project and change management regimes. Also developed new technology strategy, including outsourcing of major parts of the platform.
  • Development and implementation of comprehensive mobile technology programs, addressing security and control of bank and employee mobile devices, and in-house development and deployment of mobile applications for retail and commercial clients.
  • In-depth investigation of CyberFraud, including detailed assessments for insurance recovery, litigation support, creation of new Information Security policies and bank-wide procedures, and implementation of new payments technologies reducing ongoing risk.
  • Evaluation of network and core systems performance and stability issues arising from merger of $10 bn bank; implementation of stabilization plan with changes to IT organization, introduction of new change management and governance disciplines and system conversions.

Major Core Systems Providers – high-level corporate strategy developed for the CEO, including data center assessment and product integration.

Park City Financial Group 

Acquistion Business Plan

Acquistion and Integration of $3BN Superior Bank

$30MM Finance Divestiture

Acquisition of $600mm Town North Bank

Acquisition Diligence

$20mm Equity Investment

Merger Integration

Governance, IT, and Operations Transformation

Governance, IT, and Operations Improvements

Credit Workouts and Loan Sales

IT Improvement

Valuation of Suborindated Debitures

Strategic Planning and System Conversion

Systems Conversion

Advisor on Acquisition of Farmers Exchange Bank

Regulatory Plan

Regulatory Plan

Regulatory Plan

Treasury Managment

Regulatory Plan