EAP works closely with the Board of Directors and management to develop and execute plans to address deficiencies identified by regulators by enhancing compliance, improving credit and enterprise risk management practices as well as addressing liquidity and capital needs.  We utilize a broad, enterprise-wide approach to assist institutions with lasting improvements, including training the Board and management and key employees.

Enterprise Risk Management

Analyzing and managing key dimensions of risk - credit, market, liquidity and operational - to financial enterprises has become a necessity in banking. EAP has developed a system of risk governance and assessment, supported with key risk indicators, which allows banks to achieve systematic risk reduction, and ensure compliance with policies and regulatory standards.  This type of approach fosters a strong risk culture and helps banks achieve the transparency required to manage the risk inherent in growth and transformation plans.

Diligence Reviews

EAP’s comprehensive diligence efforts identify credit, risk management, human resource, operational and transaction risks, and challenges to acquisition objectives.  EAP provides insights into critical value, risk factors, and potential pitfalls in financial institution acquisition and growth strategies.  EAP has extensive loan portfolio assessment and valuation experience in all loan types in bank and financial institution portfolios, has developed workouts for troubled credits and sale of distressed loans and REO, and has extensive FDIC loss share management experience.  EAP’s team includes former lenders with experience in all facets of commercial, real estate and consumer lending and credit risk management.

Regulatory Support

Our team is uniquely qualified in regulatory matters and can help with:

  • Strategizing on most effective approach to regulators on regulatory orders, restructurings, portfolio deterioration or restatements
  • Guidance on improving relationship with regulators
  • Interpretation and response to recent regulatory reports and findings, including any orders or directives issued by regulators
  • Applications and regulatory approval for new board members or senior executives 
  • Review of departure payments for compliance with the FDIC's golden parachute regulations  
  • Notices & applications seeking permission for new investment areas, products or activities 
  • Review and update of policies and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines 
  • Assist with development of reports of compliance for regulatory orders and agreements
  • Decoding regulatory language 

EAP has a core team of over 20 professionals with specialized expertise, as well as an extensive network of industry connections, and provides top quality solution identification and execution to address any combination of challenges a client may face.