We are excited to announce the newest member of our Team, Dr. Josephine Bennett. Corie Robinson, Director of Human Capital announced the addition noting: “I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Josephine Bennett to our team. I’ve known Josephine professionally for a few years and have been drawn to her wisdom, work ethic and desire to help others. Not only will she be a huge inspiration on our team, she will greatly enrich the services we offer our clients. This is a huge win for us and those we serve!”

Dr. Josephine Bennett is an experienced adjudicator who has worked performing vocational analyses, disability assessments and preliminary hearing evaluations for both state and federal governments. Recently, Dr. Bennett obtained a doctorate of Business Administration in Human Resources from Liberty University. Her research experience is rooted within workplace behavior and crosses the knowledge domains of human resources, psychology and generational paradigms.

For the last decade, Dr. Bennett has worked to understand the physiological and psychological factors that impact sustainable employment. This includes understanding barriers that prevent individuals from entering the workforce as well as assessing functional capacity and limitations in the presence of certain medical and psychiatric conditions. Dr. Bennett is also skilled in quantitative analysis and has aided organizations and individuals with leveraging data to provide valuable insights through theory and application.

Welcome Dr. Bennett! We are certainly smarter with you around!


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